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In Beyond One: Growing a Family and Getting a Life, Jennifer Hull chronicles her leap from one child to two, describing the enormous impact having a second child has on a woman’s body, marriage, family life, friendships and work.

“Would I be able to address my own needs once outnumbered by little people? Would I ever have coffee with a friend again? Fit into my jeans? Feel attractive? Have time for—or even want to have—sex?” More

“Every mother even thinking about adding a little sister or brother to the mix should read this book.” –
Jen Singer, author, blogger and creator of

“The details of everyday life with two kids in the under-five set kept me laughing in this immensely enjoyable read. The breezy, engaging prose, however, belies that Beyond One is filled with profound insights. Hull shows us what we know instinctively, but are afraid to admit. Loving a second baby can feel like betrayal, the best of mothers yell, and sex after kids is a challenge. Hull reassures us that great mothers aren’t saintly, that shared parenting can really work, and that sibling rivalry has been highly exaggerated. Those expecting or parenting their second would be crazy to pass this book up.” –
Francine M. Deutsch, author of Halving It All: How Equally Shared Parenting Works.

Beyond One is like a conversation with the older sister who had her two kids before you had yours. Jennifer Hull tells it like it is when the house shrinks and the heart grows and she manages to tell the story of family without being depressing or cloying–no mean feat when motherhood is the topic.” –
Martha Brockenbrough, author of It Could Happen to You: Diary of a Pregnancy and Beyond.

From Beyond One: “Who, I wondered, would I be beyond one—not just as mother, but as woman, wife, and friend. Would I be able to address my own needs once outnumbered by little people? Could I love two and still stay close to my firstborn? How would I juggle writing with another child? Would I ever have coffee with a friend again? See a movie? What about that big number on the scale?”
Read an excerpt from this award-winning book on having the second child.

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A former journalist for The Wall Street Journal and Time, Jennifer is the award-winning author of Beyond One: Growing a Family and Getting a Life and pens the Midage Mom blog.

She’s profiled exceptional women from the Middle East to Latin America. Widely published, her essays have been included in two anthologies.

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