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Jennifer has been featured on both radio and television to discuss Beyond One and parenting. Here’s what broadcasters are saying about her.

Jennifer Hull offers a realistic, humorous, and honest take on parenthood beyond one child. Show guests who can chat parent-to-parent like her are gold!

Amy Bronee
Host – Real Parenting
C-FAX 1070
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Jennifer Hull was a smart, lively and fun guest on PregTASTIC! Her practical tips and insights on parenting two children offer much relief to PregTASTIC listeners awaiting the arrival of baby #2.

Patti Hildreth
PregTASTIC Pregnancy Radio

Jennifer was a knowledgeable and entertaining guest who was fun to interview!

Maria Bailey
Host, Mom Talk Radio
WLVJ 1040 AM, South Florida
KUTR 820 AM, Salt Lake City, Utah

Jennifer Bingham Hull’s book is the survival handbook for the overworked modern parents of two. She hit the mark with our audience through her realistic approach to solving the “family dinner” problem. Her concise information about finding time for herself and her husband was revealing, practical, informative and entertaining. Quite an achievement.

Carole Kotkin and Simone Diament
Co-hosts, Food and Wine Talk
WDNA, 88.9 FM
Miami, Florida
South Florida Gourmet

Jennifer was a delight! She has great insight into the changes adding a second child to the family can bring and what you can do to make the adjustment smoother. Make Beyond One your guide.

Brice Lewis
Host, The Brice Lewis Show
WHBC, 1480 AM
Canton, Ohio

Jennifer Hull knows her stuff! Lively, funny and right on the mark.

Jerry Reno
Co-host, Drive Time Des Moines
WHO Radio, 1040 AM
Des Moines, Iowa

For anyone thinking about what life might be like when baby number two comes along, Jennifer has some wonderful firsthand observations that will put your mind at ease. Her book is a great, fun read.

Don Michaels
Producer, The Lori & Julia Show
WFMP, 107 FM
St. Paul, Minnesota

Jennifer Hull was a fabulous guest. She was bright, energetic, knowledgeable and witty. We received a tremendous amount of positive response about her appearance.

Ryan Hogan
Producer, The Mark Mason and Dave Anderson Show
KEX, 1190 AM
Portland, Oregon

Jennifer Hull was a great guest on our show, “Families First!” Her real world experience raising her own children mixed with her great journalism background makes for a fun and informative interview.

Anne Jordan
Co-host, Families First!
KFTK, 97.1 FM
St. Louis, Missouri

Jennifer was a fun, interesting, funny, smart guest–the kind I wish I had more of.

Armin Brott
Host of Positive Parenting
KOIT (96.5 FM/1260 AM)
San Francisco

Thanks Jennifer – You were great! Thanks so much for your time, your willingness to help young families, and for your sense of humor!

Lori Brooks
Host of Women of Vision
97.1 WASH-FM
Rockville, Maryland

We really enjoyed having Jennifer on South Florida Today. Her shining personality and classy manner really helped NBC shine. Her expertise on growing a family was invaluable to our viewers. We’d have her back anytime.

Naomi Morales
Miramar, Florida

Jennifer Hull was recently a guest expert on the Johnjay and Rich Morning Show. Co-host Johnjay has two sons, only 10 months apart. With Hull’s advice and her book, Beyond One, many of his concerns and questions were answered. The interview lit up our phone lines as she took questions from their listeners!

G-N Kang
Morning Show Producer
Clear Channel Radio
93.7 KRQ
Tucson, Arizona

Jennifer Hull appeared on South Florida Voices recently as my guest to discuss Beyond One. She was very articulate and enthusiastic about her new book. Our viewing audience gained a delightful insight into parenthood and she even made us laugh! I would highly recommend her for other TV appearances.

Deborah Ally
Hollywood, Florida

About Jennifer

A former journalist for The Wall Street Journal and Time, Jennifer is the award-winning author of Beyond One: Growing a Family and Getting a Life and pens the MidAge Mom blog.

She’s profiled exceptional women from the Middle East to Latin America. Widely published, her essays have been included in two anthologies.

Jennifer is also a frequent radio and TV guest. Full Bio

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In Beyond One, Jennifer chronicles her leap from one child to two, describing the enormous impact the second child has on a woman’s body, marriage, family life, friendships and work.

"Hull is the kind of woman many moms long to be friends with. . ." -The Cleveland Plain Dealer.


The Wall Street Journal, Time, The Atlantic Monthly,, MS., Parenting, Real Simple,, The Los Angeles Times Magazine, Working Mother, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, American Way, Brain, Child, The Christian Science Monitor, and more.