Great Stuff

Below are a few of my favorite things.

It’s an eclectic list. But that’s my life and it’s probably yours too. One minute I’m shopping for purses, the next for software to filter our computers. Often I wish somebody would tell me what to buy.

I’m starting this new page with some of my favorite computer-related services.  If you click on a link and make a purchase, I’ll get a commission. So please use these referral links. It won’t cost you any extra. But it will help support this blog.

Check back soon for more great stuff.  And meanwhile, forgive me for knowing nothing about high heels, leggings or short skirts. In my next life I plan to have great legs and figure out who Manolo Blahnik is.

Net Nanny

Buy Net Nanny Parental Control software.

I am our family’s IT person. And with the help of the computer fairy, I manage. But filtering the internet on our computers left me stumped.

Then a smart friend recommended Net Nanny, a software program that keeps pornography and other yucky stuff at bay once installed on a computer.

I love Net Nanny for one simple reason: it’s easy to manage. This is critical as my husband is not tech savvy. (That’s okay. He’s a great math tutor.) I’ve set it up on both a Mac and a PC and breath easier with it in our lives.

Just wish that nanny could cook!
Check out Net Nanny – the free trial is a good way to try it out.

iContact - Start Your 30 Day Trial Today!

Do you need help sending out a newsletter? I researched a lot of programs and chose iContact. Constant Contact is popular but their site felt confusing and it’s more expensive than iContact. iContact is easy to use and I’ve always gotten help quickly through online chat.

What a relief not to be sending out my Parenting Tips Newsletter manually by email anymore. With a click it now goes out  to all of my subscribers – which I hope includes you!
Try iContact FREE for 30 Days!


Royalty Free Images

Have you ever looked for a photo to illustrate your website or blog and suddenly realized that hours have passed and you haven’t found anything?

When it comes to finding the right image, it’s easy to search endlessly on the web and emerge empty-handed. Free images can be had. But you often have to wade through a lot of garbage to find them. And every time you use a new stock photo website, you have to register and learn how it works.

My answer? I now use just one stock photo site to illustrate this blog: Dreamstime. The site offers both photos and illustrations and makes it easy to filter searches for the least expensive images. I love the clean, bright interface.

If I can’t find it on Dreamstime, it’s time to clear my head and walk the dog.


Come back soon for more great stuff. Next up: the baby device that saved our marriage!

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