Whatever Gets You Through the Night: 10 Homework Survival Strategies

By Jennifer Bingham Hull

Ah, those homework minefields: confusing assignments, too much work and kiddie resistance.

Homework can be a major headache for elementary school parents. Here are tips to help:

*Go to the Source. Read the blackboard. Visit the teacher's website. You'll save time otherwise spent calling classmates for assignments.

*Buy a Second Set of Textbooks. Having an extra set of books at home is a godsend if your child is forgetful.

*Create Routines. Now is the time to teach good study habits.  Reserve certain hours for homework and make them sacrosanct.

*Walk that Fine Line. Encourage independent study but check that assignment book. Review work in subjects your child has trouble with.

*Set Priorities. Sometimes we have our kids do every other problem if they understand their math and need to move on to something else.

*Offer Small Rewards. Say: "If your homework is done by 7:00 p.m. you can play that new game."

*Know When to Quit. Working with a child who is hungry or tired is a no-win. Provide a snack, take a break or call it a night.

*Get Help. Consider testing if your kid keeps struggling. The sooner special needs are identified the better.

*Take a Stand. If you feel there's too much homework - and there often is these days - tell the teacher.

*Take Heart. The child who is rebelling against homework one year can become a diligent student the next. I have the kid to prove it.

(Thanks to my friend Nancy who provided some of these tips during our darkest hours of 3rd grade.)


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