Unique Baby Gifts for the Second-Child Shower

By Jennifer Bingham Hull

What do you give the woman expecting her second child?

She got all the baby gear with her first child. She has maternity clothes and doesn't need a book to tell her how to diaper an infant. Indeed, it's hard to think of anything she needs at all.

By considering this mom's future needs, however, you can find a unique baby gift for a second-child present or shower. The following items are sure to please:

*A double stroller. If the expectant mother has a toddler, she'll need a double stroller. Let her pick it out as features vary. Strollers with back-to-front seats are easier to get through doors than those with side-to-side seating. It should be light enough for her to heave into the trunk.

*Picture frames. Skip the second-baby scrapbook. Mom will only feel guilty when she fails to complete it. Buy a beautiful frame for the new baby's photo instead. The mother of two can never have too many frames.

*A small gadget. The most unique baby gifts for the second child are little gizmos that can fit in a crammed diaper bag and bring order to chaos. A Palm organizer or an iPod voice recorder makes a great present.

*A bathrobe. A pretty robe will fit, no matter how big your expectant mom gets, and make her feel like the Queen of Sheba even when the house is messy. Her current robe is likely stained with Play-Doh and needs replacing.

*A tote. The mother of two schleps tons of stuff. Buy a bag with large side pockets so she can find the sippy cups before the stoplight changes. The handles should go over the shoulder, leaving her hands free.

*A guidebook. The second child raises new, important issues. My book, Beyond One: Growing a Family and Getting a Life, provides an intimate, mom-to-mom look at life after the second baby. From One Child to Two is an excellent general guide.


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Jennifer Bingham Hull is an award-winning author and mother of two. Her book, Beyond One: Growing a Family and Getting a Life, looks at life after the second child. To learn more, visit www.growingafamily.com, where you can contact her to receive this Parenting Tips column and sign up for her free newsletter.

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